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NH Brewers Festival, We're Going!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fat and I are heading off to the Southern NH Brewers Festival, hosted by White Birch Brewing. As VIP's (The only way we roll) we will have a meet and greet with all the brewers, dinner, music and of course beer tasting by all the craft brewers in the southern NH area.

Of course before we do that we will be heading to the Manchester Firing Line to put big holes in paper targets, because what's a beer festival without a little gun slinging first! I might even wear my cowboy hat. Yee Haw!

I will definitely be bringing my camcorder along for some awesome footage!


Wason Pond Pounder 2012

Well Fat and Skinde have done it again - We ran the Wason Pond Pounder, and this year we did it TWICE!  [FLV:0036_Wason2012.



On a whim I decided to go to the movies last night. As I browsed Fandango looking for something to watch, I noticed the overwhelming amount of press that The Hunger Games was getting.


Wason Pond Pounder

It's been forever since we posted anything on here, so here's what we did over the past weekend. We ran a race! No, seriously, we ran a race.


OFFICIAL REVIEW: Drink Skinny Margarita Mix

I was at The Drinkery for a wine tasting last night and they got in this little gem that I had to try. Drink Skinny Margarita Mix is a low calorie margarita mix that promises a low-calorie, all natural margarita mix that tastes good.

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